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Your support will empower the hands that make the dolls!

Here are some ways in which you can help us. Please email us and let us know how you would like to get involved.


Buy Karuna Dolls as a Gift
Email and let us know if you are sending a Karuna doll as a gift of kindness to someone. We will send a note on your behalf.


Connect us with schools
Students are the best ambassadors of empathy and kindness. We look forward to collaborating with educators and schools to use Karuna Dolls to bring attention to the livelihood of artisans along with appreciation and learning about heritage, culture and craft traditions.


With your connections in the Media
Give us a shout-out, hook us up with an interview, and help us push forth the movement.


Share on your Social Media
Follow our Instagram page, share our campaigns and spread the word. If you have bought a Karuna Doll, tag us, share your Karuna moment.


For Businesses
If you would like to support Karuna Dolls as a part of your company or organization, we could create attractive corporate gifting offers and would love to discuss possibilities with you. We are also open to bulk orders for events and gifting.


For Designers and Artists
Please write to us if you have a collaboration and amplification idea that we can take forward together.


For Makers and Producer Groups
Please connect with us so we can share the process of your team creating their own series of Karuna Dolls


For collaborations and more information :

+91 63016 15072

Instagram: KarunaDolls

Karuna Dolls Shop is operated and fulfilled by
DHOOP, Mumbai, Maharashtra.