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The idea of Karuna was conceived by Creative Dignity during the Covid-19 lockdown to give hope & strength and to create a livelihood opportunity for vulnerable women artisan groups and to preserve cultural and craft traditions.

We encourage dolls to be created by hand, by our sisters working in the craft sector. Through this, we support their livelihood in our little way and contribute with hope, dignity and joy.

Our effort is to share these happiness filled creations and introduce the makers and their stories with our community of buyers and collectors.  

Our Mission 

Marginalized groups across different states in India are recognized for their skill and empowered with positivity and confidence to create handmade Karuna dolls representing their local culture and their stories. The sale of the Karuna dolls is not only aimed at generating hope through employment for the artisan communities but the dolls also act as messengers who carry important messages of social responsibility, conservation and environment consciousness. The dolls represent the sisterhood across divides of rural and urban, continents and cultures and also values of compassion, strength, dignity, creativity, resilience, and joy. We hope that every Karuna becomes a true champion of various artisanal techniques, folk art and cultural performance expressions which need new platforms for engagement in these challenging times throughout the country, and the world. 


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